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It’s vital that your children’s needs are kept at the forefront of your divorce case. Michael Fink Law, PA will make sure your children’s best interests are in mind. He’s a trusted child custody attorney serving the Minneapolis, MN area.

Attorney Fink can help you figure out the best parenting time arrangement for your children. He’ll prepare a strong case that takes advantage of Minnesota laws. Attorney Fink can also fight for grandparent rights.

Call the office today to discuss your case with a dedicated child custody attorney in Minneapolis, MN.

3 of the many ways Attorney Fink can help with child custody & parenting time

Attorney Michael Fink knows the ins and outs of child custody and parenting time law. He can help you:

  1. Negotiate parenting time at the time of your divorce
  2. Modify parenting time as your children grow older
  3. Change legal custody to protect children from an abusive or neglectful parent

Don’t handle child custody issues on your own. Get in touch with attorney Michael Fink right away for sound legal counsel.