Spousal Maintenance in Minneapolis, MN

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Alimony laws are complicated. You should work with an attorney who not only keeps up with the changing trends, but can use those changes to your advantage. Call if you’re seeking spousal maintenance in the Minneapolis, MN area. Michael Fink will fight for the alimony you deserve. Attorney Fink will make sure you are awarded the share of property division, investment income, and retirement assets to which you are entitled.

Talk to a family attorney right away to find out how much alimony you could be entitled to.

How is spousal maintenance calculated in Minneapolis?

The amount of alimony you could get depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The length of your marriage
  • Your relative need
  • Your ability to pay your bills
  • Your contribution to the marital estate
  • If you had to sacrifice your career
  • If you are or were a stay at home mom or dad

Attorney Michael Fink will take these factors into consideration when handling your case. He can also draft prenuptial agreements that can limit the amount of spousal maintenance or property your spouse can ask for if you divorce.

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